Sunday School

St. Stephen’s Sunday School is a ministry we offer to all ages.

Sunday school begins at 9:30 AM and ends shortly before the 10:30 AM Worship Service. It’s important for all believers to know the Bible and how to respond to specific challenges we face as Christians. Therefore, our teaching series consists of topical series and books of the Bible. Therefore, we provide three tracks for Sunday school classes: a theological class, biblical class, and a practical class.

We at St. Stephen Reformed Church believe our Sunday school ministry should provide biblical teaching, gospel proclamation, and classes for all ages.

Clear, Biblical Teaching

We are committed to the Bible, the inerrant and inspired Word of God. We are also committed to the doctrine contained within the Westminster Standards as faithful expression of the teaching of Scripture. Therefore, we seek to connect the Bible to the world in which we currently live, examining the intersection of faith and life.


Sunday school ultimately points us to our faith in the Triune God, who by the plan of the Father, accomplishes redemption by the Son and applies this redemption through the Holy Spirit. By this redemption, we are reconciled to God. He transforms our lives and we live in obedience to him. We read the Bible through the lens of the gospel.

Sunday School For All Ages

The church is given the task to make disciples. Christian discipleship involves training believers from belief to maturity. We seek to learn about God’s character, his redemptive acts throughout history, and his commands for his people from his Word. Each class is designed to the needs of each generation. There are three tracks for adult Sunday school classes: a theological class, biblical class, and a practical class.

Our Spring Sunday School Electives

Stu Sacks and Ron DiNunzio invite you to join two “old,” retired pastors as they reminisce about their close buddy Paul, and share their teachings on his letters to Timothy and Titus.

The class will focus on the major points of those writings known as the Pastoral Epistles. Learn what Paul imparted about qualifications for the offices of Elder and Deacon. We will also learn about what you, as a member of St. Stephen, can do to serve God through your participation.

Location: Upper Zwingli

In this practical course, we will examine the biblical model of how people change. The Christian life is far more than just conforming our behavior to a list of rules from the Bible.

The Holy Spirit is working in you to make you the person God created you to be, from the inside out. Jesus saves us from our sins, then gradually remakes our hearts, our desires, and motivations, and as our hearts change, behavior changes. 

Location: Lower Bachman

This class is designed to provide a toolbox for new and growing believers including the assurance of salvation, getting around the Bible, learning to pray, walking with Christ daily, and talking with others about Jesus, just to name a few subjects.
Location: Lower Bachman Hall

The Youth of St. Stephen, grades 6th through 12th, meet together during the Sunday School hour for a lesson that meets them where they are while still challenging them to grow. We will be working through a curriculum entitled, “The Doctrines of Grace: Pillars of the Reformed Faith.” This is a Life in Christ course on the Five Solas, the Canons of Dordt, and other essential Reformed doctrines.
Our Children’s Ministry offers Sunday School Classes specially designated by age. Our lower Elementary Class (Pre-K through 2nd Grade) is full of crafts, music, learning the children’s catechism and solid Biblical teaching. Finally, our Upper Elementary class (3rd-5th grade) is purposeful in Scripture memory, going even deeper into biblical and theological concepts to thoroughly prepare the children for their adolescent years. All of our Sunday School classrooms use the Great Commission Publications Curriculum produced by the PCA. We are intentional about providing a safe, fun, biblical environment where children’s faith can be nurtured and developed.

We offer both an Infant Nursery and a Toddler Nursery during our Sunday School hour. Our Infant Nursery is intentional about speaking God’s truth to our youngest members. Our Toddler Nursery is geared to keep little minds engaged, through music, coloring, stories, and interactive playtime.

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