Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

St. Stephen Reformed Church, Children’s Ministry exists to draw children closer to the Living God. 

  • We strive through persistent prayer and reliance on His power, to help children establish a firm knowledge of the entire Word of God.
  • We make every effort to communicate the Gospel in word and deed to children in our church and in our community.
  • We provide tools and opportunities that enable children to embrace Christ through consistent corporate and personal worship and service to God.
  • Finally, we desire to assist parents in the Christian nurture of their children. Our role is never to take the place of the parent, only to aid in the spiritual growth of their children.

All of our volunteers are screened for child protection and have completed background checks, as well as training. We are blessed with gifted volunteers who are passionate about serving the children of our church.

We offer Kingdom Kids, and nursery care for ages 0-8 years old during our 10:30 service. Sunday School is offered for ages 0-5th grade. The nursery is open during our 8:15 AM service if parents would prefer to attend the earlier service and need to step out for a bit. We provide a live audio feed from the Sanctuary so you won’t miss a thing while you take a moment to soothe, feed, or change your child.

That said, children are always welcome in all of our services. We understand that occasional noises are all part of them learning and growing as covenant members of the body of Christ.





Kingdom Kids

St. Stephen’s Kingdom Kids exists to aid parents in preparing their children to mindfully and joyfully participate in our worship services and introduce the children to the Bible’s basic teachings. During our 10:30 service for ages 4-7 years, Kingdom Kids is offered to explore and engage in all aspects of Biblical worship with the children.

Kingdom Kids mirrors the Worship Service in its format and order, so children participate in a call to worship, praise, offering, confessions of faith, hearing of the Word, and benediction.  All of these things are done in a manner geared towards the children’s developmental milestones. We want them to become comfortable and familiar with the flow of worship. Upon graduating from Kingdom Kids, the children are equipped to confidently participate in the service with their parents and older siblings.

Children are provided with a snack and activities that go along with the lesson. Music is incorporated throughout the morning, and it plays a significant role in how the children memorize Scripture and learn. Lessons are pulled directly from Bible Stories Every Child Should Know by Kenneth Taylor and cover the entire scope of the Bible over three years.  Kingdom Kids offers a broad brushstroke approach to the narrative of Scripture, making sure to pull out key themes and connect the smaller stories to the massive story, the story of the gospel.

We desire that children would walk away from their time at Kingdom Kids feeling confident in their ability to be active participants in both corporate and private worship. We want them not only to understand why we do the things we do during a corporate worship service, but our prayer is that their hearts are impacted, and hunger for the worship of the Living God would express itself in all aspects of their lives.

Sunday School

Sunday school is offered for infants through 5th grade during the 9:30-10:30 hour. We provide age-appropriate lessons that vary from season to season.

We desire that children would be able to establish a firm knowledge of the entire Word of God, and understand how to put that knowledge into practice in their everyday lives. We offer classes for 0-18 months, 19 months-3 yrs, 4 yrs-2nd grade, and 3rd-5th grade. Our teachers are passionate and committed to teaching truth and grace to our covenant children. Lessons include music, crafts, and other activities to reinforce principals they are learning in fun and engaging ways.


The valuable work of children’s ministry starts in the nursery. We strive to create a warm and safe environment for our visitors and covenant children. Our nursery volunteers are compassionate and gracious individuals who love to care for babies and toddlers and recognize that being apart from mommy and daddy can be difficult during certain ages and stages. We take very seriously the work of providing loving care that cultivates spiritual development in the nursery. It is our joy and privilege to serve families by providing a place for their babies and toddlers to rest and play safely.

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